Research Categories

The original research priorities for PPIC were determined using a ranking system at the Inaugural Meeting on November 28, 2018. The research ideas generated during break-out discussions can be found in this document

1. Application

Primary research focus areas related to flavor, functionality, and nutrition

  • Determine the impact of processing on nutritional quality
  • Evaluate the nutritional value (PDCAAS) for emerging proteins
  • Determine the impact of replacing (wholly or partially) traditional proteins with novel plant proteins on nutrition, physiology, flavor, and textural properties
  • Investigate potential increases in nutritional value and functionality via blending of plant proteins
  • Determine flavor and protein interactions in various protein sources and in different food systems
  • Identify ways to mitigate off flavors while maintaining textural properties
  • Functionalize novel proteins and determine impact on flavor, functionality, and nutrition
  • Identify unique functionality and applications of novel plant proteins in comparison to common protein ingredients
  • Develop alternate/simpler method to evaluate digestibility and amino acid score

2. Downstream Processing and Formulation

Primary research focus areas related to extraction methods, unique processing, co-products, food systems, high value end use

  • Characterize structural/functional properties of novel proteins upon isolation and processing
  • Identify high-value end use (e.g. encapsulation; agglomeration)
  • Transform defatted meals of oilseeds into value-added co-product of equivalent or higher value than the oil
  • Investigate novel protein extraction techniques that are solvent free and can be labeled as organic (while looking at flavor, nutrition and functionality)
  • Determine the efficiency and recovery rate of electrostatic dry separation for the production of protein concentrates (while looking at flavor, nutrition and functionality)
  • Study the interactions of novel proteins with other macromolecules in food systems and determine impact on digestibility, functionality, and sensory qualities
  • Investigate the impact of non-thermal processing (e.g. cold plasma) on protein structure and function
  • Evaluate bioactivity of peptides derived from various sources

3. Production

Primary research focus areas related to breeding, sustainability of the supply, and crop diversity

  • Breed to enhance protein quality
  • Determine the impact of crop diversity on flavor, nutritional and functional quality of the protein
  • Develop sustainable supply chain for various protein crops
  • Assess market value