Application Techniques and Access to University Facilities

Beverage Application

Application Techniques




Texture and Strength Capacity
  • Texture Analyzer XT Plus

To measure and quantify a product’s textural/mechanical properties objectively and accurately

Extrusion High and Low Moisture
  • Brabender FC CM TwinLab-F 20/40 Technologies benchtop extruder

To formulate, develop and simulate TVP and HME extruded products with minimal sample needed

  • GEA Niro Soavi Panda benchtop homogenizer

To homogenize a non-soluble liquid mixture thoroughly for sample preparation

Spray drying
  • BUCHI Mini Spray Dryer B-290 Benchtop spray dryer

To dry a liquid or slurry into a dry powder with hot gas

  • Memmert HPP 260 humidity and temperature-controlled shelf-life chambers

To determine shelf-life of a product while regulating temperature, humidity, air composition (CO2 or O2), and light intensity.

High Shear Mixing and Thermal Treatment
  • Hotmix Pro
  • Thermomix

To blend and thermal treat a sample for formulating alternative beverage and meat applications


Teaching Kitchen

Shear Mixer


application kitchen

Application Kitchen


Benchtop Extruder

Benchtop Extruder