Membership Benefits

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PPIC Membership Benefits

When you join the Plant Protein Innovation Center, you get many benefits:

  • For All Members PPIC offers
    • Visibility on our website and networking opportunities
    • One waived registration to 2-3 annual events (~$1,000 value/per event)
    • Opportunity to host booths at fall research spotlight and spring planning meetings at no additional cost
    • Expert advice and support for troubleshooting processing/product development challenges
    • Facilitated collaboration with other PPIC member companies
  • For Associate & Partner members PPIC also offers:
    • Another waived registration to 2-3 annual events (~$2,000 value/per event)
    • A Welcome package of $8,000 value offers a complimentary project custom designed to meet your research needs
    • A 20% discount on any subsequent projects to continue reaching research goals 
    • High-priority project timelines 
    • Customized hands-on training on various analytical techniques
    • Support with setting up new R&D labs for protein research
  • For Partner members PPIC also offers:
Poster Session
Food Science Lab Team
Research Spotlight 2019
Fan and DSC