Sample Preparation and Compositional Analysis

Sample Preparation




  • Gred S. Carver Press
  • Solvent Defatting

To remove fat prior to protein extraction

  • Fritsch Pulversiette ball mill
  • UDY cyclone sample mill

To reduce particle size to improve protein extraction

Freeze Drying
  • Harvest Right Tray freeze dryer
  • Flask freeze dryers (Thermo Electron Corp, LABCONCO, VIRTIS)

To remove moisture through sublimation

  • Clevenger distillation
  • BuCHI R124 RotoVapor with condenser

To concentrate a sample prior to further assays


 Compositional Analysis




Protein Content
  • LECO FP 828
  • BuCHI Kjeldahl with digestion, scrubber, and distillation unit

To measure protein content of solids and liquids

Ash Content
  • Thermo Scientific Thermolyne muffle furnace

To measure ash content

Moisture Content
  • Lab-Line Squaroid Duo-Vac moisture oven
  • Karl Fischer moisture analyzer

To measure moisture content

Water Activity
  • AquaLab CX-2 water activity meter

To measure water activity

Fat Content
  • Mojonnier Bros Co. Mojonnier unit

To measure fat content

Starch and Fiber Content
  • Megazyme Inc. kits: total starch, total dietary fiber, starch damage & amylopectin:amylase

To determine key starch characteristics

Identification of Fiber Components
  • HPAEC Analysis (High Performance Anion-Exchange Chromatography) with a Pulsed Amperometric Detector

To analyze and quantify neutral sugars and uronic acids from dietary fiber (insoluble and soluble) fractions


Carver press

Carver Press  


UDY Cyclone mill

UDY Cyclone Mill 


freeze drier

Freeze Drier



LECO Protein Analyzer