The PPIC will offer a platform for scientists from different disciplines, industry partners, and stakeholders to exchange ideas, develop new collaborations, and start new research programs. The PPIC will have a technical committee and an executive board. Serving on the Technical Committee will depend on the level of involvement as detailed here. Serving on the Executive Board will be by invitation, and will be for a renewable three years term. The Executive Board will have at least 3 members and at most 10 members. The Technical Committee will consist of industry representatives, university researchers, and other stakeholders. The Executive Board will be selected by the Director of the PPIC and be composed of a diverse group that will provide objective input for the benefit of the community. This structure ensures that the input of our industry partners will be incorporated in the development of the different research programs so they will see direct benefit to their businesses.

Responsibilities of the PPIC Director will include:

The PPIC Director (Professor B. Pam Ismail) will manage some research programs as appropriate and will be responsible for leading the administrative, strategic and technical functions of the PPIC. Responsibilities will include:

  1. Form and engage the Technical Committee to establish and maintain research direction and priorities
  2. Form and engage the Executive Board to perform listed responsibilities below
  3. Identify and leverage additional funding sources (foundations, federal and state, etc.)
  4. Identify researchers internal and external to the University of Minnesota with complementary expertise to address the PPIC research priorities
  5. Oversee processes for research project selection and monitoring
  6. Identify budget guidelines, approve PPIC annual budget, and apportion resources as needed to fulfill the PPIC obligations, including the hiring of support staff
  7. Ensure all contractual obligations of the PPIC are fulfilled
  8. Produce and collect progress reports
  9. Organize annual meetings

Responsibilities of the Technical Advisory Committee will include:

  1. Solicit opinions and perspectives of key stakeholders (plant protein growers, manufacturers, users, etc.) for determining/selecting research priorities
  2. Develop call for proposals
  3. Review proposals and make recommendations to the Executive Board

Responsibilities of the Executive Board will include:

  1. Seek and establish partnerships with various entities
  2. Help identify and leverage additional funding sources (foundations, federal and state, etc.)
  3. Identify and refine the center’s specific goals
  4. Determine milestones and timelines
  5. Make final funding decisions