Plant Protein Innovation Center Events

Group of people at conference.
Collaborating to discover new solutions!

Make new connections and share ideas to reach solutions faster! 

Hands-on demonstrations during the Protein Basics Short Course

Participate in hands-on demonstrations and application-based experiences during the Protein Basics Short Course.

Guided tours and exposure to the PPIC's capabilities and centers

Participate in guided tours and exposure to the PPIC's capabilities and centers, such as the J.W. Warthesen Food Processing Plant (Pilot Plant), during the Protein Basics Short Course. 

Booths hosted by PPIC members, collaborators, and supporters!

Enjoy ample networking opportunities!


During interactive protein sessions, access recent findings on research currently underway on alternative proteins, such as hemp, pea, and camelina. 

Trending plant proteins

Stay up-to-date on the latest in novel and trendy plant proteins research!

Firsthand engagement with the PPIC's 20 researchers

Converse firsthand with the Plant Protein Innovation Center's researchers! 

Interactions with graduate students and potential new hires!

Interact with the graduate students behind the research and meet potential new hires!

Networking opportunities at PPIC events

Meet professionals across the spectrum of disciplines, from breeding and genetics to processing to end use application. 

Research Spotlight Meeting 2019

Engage in scientific discourse!