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As the alternative protein industry learns more about the science behind our food, it’s important that companies take these learnings and inform consumers of so that they better understand their options and can make the right nutritional choices for them. At Nature’s Fynd, we do this with our educational content across platforms including social posts, blogs, and emails that are focused on specific aspects of the alternative protein industry. It is critical to develop alternative protein knowledge so we can fulfill our mission of creating amazing foods that both nourish people and nurture the planet.

Fy™ itself is a nutritional powerhouse. It’s a com­plete veg­an pro­tein with all 20 amino acids, minerals, and other essential nutrients. To create proteins, our cells piece together a set of 20 different building blocks called amino acids, but human cells can only make eleven of those from scratch. We have to get the other nine in our diets. Most kinds of animal protein will give us the right balance of amino acids, but vegetarians and vegans need to mix and match to get enough of the right amino acids. However, Fy is a vegan source of complete protein, meaning it happens to naturally come with a balanced ratio. Additionally, Fy has 50% more pro­tein than tofu and twice as much pro­tein as raw peas—and is non-GMO and grown without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or pesticides. Information as such is important for consumers to understand when making choices to improve their overall health and wellness.

The sustainability of growing Fy; which requires 99% less land, 99% less water, and emits 94% fewer greenhouse gases than traditional beef processing; also lends itself as a strong choice for those seeking to improve the overall wellness of our planet.

From a microbe with origins in Yellowstone National Park, Fy™ is a nutritional fungi protein that we grow using our breakthrough fermentation technology. Packed with all twenty amino acids (including the nine essential ones), Fy is a healthy source of fiber, protein, and other essential nutrients. And growing it uses 99% less land, 99% less water, and emits 94% fewer greenhouse gases compared to processing beef. We make Fy, our complete vegan protein, into a wide range of truly delicious meatless and dairy-free foods so we can nourish people and nurture our planet for generations to come.

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