Meati Foods


Founded in 2017, Meati Foods is working to change the way we eat by democratizing access to delicious, nutrient-rich, complete protein in a way that protects and preserves our planet’s water, land and air. Eat Meati ™ is the debut product line from Meati featuring whole-food cutlets and steaks made from mushroom root, created with modernized yet ancient and natural processes in a toxicity-free environment. Eat Meati ™ made its retail debut in July 2022 after multiple months of record sellouts on its direct-to-doorstep online shop, with plans for a national omni-channel footprint by late-2023. Meati’s textures and flavors have won the enthusiastic support of some of food’s most impactful leaders, chefs and icons.

PPIC Associate Member


Boulder, CO

Meati Philly cheese steak