Only rich counties can afford to pay for large quantity of animal based protein in their human diet. This represent about 20% of human population. Animal nutrition mobilize 80% of primary proteins coming from plants. As population is fast expending and wellness progressing more plant based protein in human nutrition is a must. These proteins need to be nutritional but also functional and well perceived by customers all over the world. There is still a lot to be done from a scientific and technological stand point…

IMPROVE is part of ITERG group, expert in R&D development on oil seeds processing, plant based oil refining with very strong analytical capabilities. ITERG group has developed an alliance with PIVERT R&D expert in green chemistry and biotechnologies. All together these 170 scientists & technicians can support project on a very wide range of topics related to bioeconomy.

A technological map road to build our IP portfolio and to develop our expertise in six essential domains for the proteins:

  1. Native Protein extraction: Properties assessment
  2. Protein functionalization: Aggregation, Crosslinking, Interaction with other proteins or polysaccharides
  3. Controlled Enzymatic Hydrolysis and fractionation for functional, nutritional and biological properties
  4. Biological properties: Mechanism of interaction with Human or animal metabolism: Bioactive peptides, allergenicity and digestibility…
  5. Proteins modifications
    • Chemicals: Sustainable chemistry
    • Enzymatic
    • Thermochemical
  6. Market, societal & Economical Studies

To identify and anticipate hurdles to increase plant based proteins in food
To make proposals to address those hurdles

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