Blue Diamond Growers

Blue Diamond Growers

With their vast array of health benefits, almonds are Blue Diamond’s sole focus, and the cooperative is proud to say so! Just one ounce of Blue Diamond almonds yields six grams of plant protein, the highest in the tree nut category, and almonds are also high in Vitamin E. Since Blue Diamond’s Almond Innovation Center (AIC)® is the only center of its kind in the world it makes perfect sense to join hands with the Plant Protein Innovation Center to further explore products and creative methods for utilizing one of the most versatile tree nuts. Blue Diamond produces everything from almond protein powder to Nut Thins crackers, to Almond Breeze® almondmilk. There is something for everyone to enjoy whether they adhere to a vegetarian or vegan diet and require alternative protein sources, or for those who are simply looking for new ways to enjoy almonds. However one chooses to consume their almonds, the goodness remains the same, and Blue Diamond strives to continually share these quality products so that more people may reap their benefits. The cooperative is dedicated to sustainability and does everything in its power to ensure the farms are managed with the wellbeing of the planet in mind. Learn more about Blue Diamond sustainability at

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headquarters offices in Sacramento, California

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