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The food industry has changed dramatically over the years and continues to rapidly evolve. We love keeping pace with such an exciting and dynamic industry and we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the most relevant and market-leading food innovation.

Consumers today are looking for healthier food options and want to feel good about the products they eat. We offer innovative ingredients and differentiating solutions that both delight consumers all over the world and meet their demands for “better for you” products.

With an increased focus on sustainable, healthy and ethical food choices, more consumers are choosing to include plant-based protein in their diet. 

With the rise of the alternative and plant-based protein movement our RE-IMAGINE PROTEIN® innovation program, proactively addresses the critical need for category-defining innovation for a healthier and more sustainable future.

We enable our customers to innovate quickly and win consumer loyalty fast through our extensive ingredient portfolio along with our deep technical expertise, formulation and process know-how. With our state-of the art pilot facilities along with our global and regional technical experts, we can offer an accelerated scale up for production.

From designing dairy and meat alternatives to exploring cellular agriculture applications, we’re the essential partner to expand plant-based protein across categories.

At IFF, an industry leader in food, beverage, scent, health and biosciences, science and creativity meet to create essential solutions for a better world – from global icons to unexpected innovations and experiences. With the beauty of art and the precision of science, we are an international collective of thinkers who partners with customers to bring scents, tastes, experiences, ingredients and solutions for products the world craves. Together, we will do more good for people and planet. Learn more at iff.comTwitterFacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.


PPIC Partner

Technical Committee Representative

Der-Chyan Hwang

Der-Chyan Hwang
Global R&D Nourish - Protein Solutions Leader


New York, NY, USA